Home nursing service is a qualified nursing care service that is provided to treat patients who are recuperating from an acute illness, suffering from a chronic disease or limited functional capacity (doctor’s prescription) and/or effective coping in his or her accustomed home environment.

Home nursing service can be provided:

– to patients who leave the hospital and do not need active treatment but do need nursing, and who due to physical or non-physical imitations cannot visit a general practitioner or health care facility;
– patients for whom home nursing allows them to forgo hospitalization (including nursing care, nursing hospitals);
– clients in nursing homes;
– people released by a nursing care hospital;
– patients in the terminal stage of an illness;
– patients who are suffering from chronic illness and have physical limitations;
– for treating patients with limited functional capacity and/or to allow the person to cope more effectively in a home environment;
– patients who have greater needs for nursing care than a general-practice nurse is able to provide.


We perform the following nursing procedures:

– blood pressure readings;
– pulse readings;
– body temperature readings;
– distributing and administering medicines;
– administering drip infusions;
– treating wounds including dressing wounds;
– removing wound dressings;
– maintaining stomas (replacement, providing instruction);
– enemas;
– evaluating skin condition and prevention, care and treatment of
– bedsores;
– substitution therapy;
– testing, including measuring blood sugar with glycometer;
– catheterization, maintaining a fixed catheter;
– providing nursing advice to the patient and his or her family members.


Within Tallinn city limits, nursing care is provided on the basis of the general queue and in the amount under contract agreed by West Tallinn Central Hospital and the Health Insurance Fund. Nursing activity takes place in close cooperation with the patient’s GP and, where necessary, a social worker or caregiver from the city district government. The referral for home nursing service comes from a GP or specialist in which the physician briefly describes the reason for referral and orders the procedures that are to be performed at home. The referral must be sent by email. Home nursing care service is free of charge for those insured by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.
More information and registration available on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00 from the nurse coordinating home nursing service by telephone 5662 3484, e-mail:

The referral form can be found HERE.
ETreatment guidelines recognized by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund – Home nursing activity guidelines PDF.