The Neurology Centre of the West Tallinn Central Hospital is a world-class reference centre, performing diagnosis and treatment of chronic neurological diseases. The centre offers diagnosis and flexible combination treatment of chronic neurological diseases.

A world-class multiple sclerosis department


The specialized multiple sclerosis department at the West Tallinn Central Hospital is a world-leading reference centre, where chronic neurological diseases can be diagnosed and treated, including some of the world’s rarest. Together with our Diagnostics Clinic, new possibilities have emerged for diagnosis of neurological autoimmune cases, followed by modern treatment. The centre works to advance medical knowledge in diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

Estonian neurologists are consulted internationally


Neurologists working in West Tallinn Central Hospital are highly qualified and are regularly invited to speak at international conferences. The head of the Neurology Centre, PhD Katrin Gross-Paju, is a worldwide-recognized expert in neurology, whose articles are published in key peer-reviewed scientific journals. Our doctors earned the trust of the patients through the comfortable and friendly atmosphere they create and with their dedicated care for the patients and their families.

Close interdisciplinary teamwork


Neurological treatment in West Tallinn Central Hospital is carried out by our teams of specialists, with neurologists, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers and rehabilitation doctors working together. Each team member is a highly qualified specialist and together they can ensure the highest quality of medical care. They work together to treat the patient and support and train the patient’s family to deal with the disease.

List of services:


– Treatment of multiple sclerosis, autoimmune neurological diseases, Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, etc.;
– Treatment of headache, migraine and rare neurological diseases;
– Post-stroke rehabilitation;
– Diagnostics (electroencephalography, computed and magnet resonance tomography).



Phone: +372 650 7396, Oksana Boiko