The General Surgery Department performs laparoscopic bariatric and gall bladder operations, hernia operations, hiatal hernia operations, leg vein operations and varicose vein sclerotherapy.

The department also serves on emergency surgery shifts, where operative procedures necessary for treating all disease of the abdominal cavity are performed.

The department has one operating room, 20 beds and two grade II intensive care beds, where each year, an average of 1,200 patients are treated and 800 operations performed.

Outpatient appointments

Meremeste Polyclinic, Paldiski mnt 68
Mustamäe Polyclinic, Ehitajate tee 27
Nõmme Health Centre, Jaama 11
Haabersti Health Centre, Õismäe tee 179


To make an appointment, call +372 626 1314 or register online.



Andres Kork

Toomas Tisler

Marge Raag

Sven Troost

Einar Kesküla

Rainer Velbri


Evo Kaha




Department’s head of nursing
Irina Kanila


GENERAL SURGERY DEPARTMENT | Paldiski mnt 68 | Telephone 650 7306