Tooth repair

The price of dental work is determined based on the clinic’s price list once a treatment plan is drawn up after consultation and examinations.
Tooth extraction

The price depends on the time spent in the examination room and the dental services performed. The minimum price is 50 €.

Panoramic dental X-ray

Panoramic X-rays can be taken on a first-come, first-served basis at Haabersti Health Centre (Õismäe tee 179) and Nõmme Health Centre (Jaama 11) in the Radiology Department.


X-rays are not e-mailed. The X-rays archived in our units can be ordered on flash drive and are issued only at the 2nd-floor registration desk of the Haabersti Health Centre.

Visit fees


The dentist does not charge a visit fee. For patients age 19 and up, dental care is a paid healthcare service.
Entering the dentist’s office and speaking to the dentist is already considered consultation.
The price list includes examination, documentation on the healthcare card, and up to 10 minutes of consultation. If these services have been provided, dentists have the right to include the service on their invoice.
If a longer-term treatment plan is changed, an additional consultation may be provided between different stages of treatment.


Are there discounts for children?

The Health Insurance Fund pays for children’s health care until the patient turns 19.
Are there discounts for grown-ups?

In our dental clinic, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund will compensate dental care up to 40 euros per calendar year for adults with Estonian health insurance. A larger dental care compensation, which is 85 euros per calendar year, applies to pregnant women, mothers of under one-year-old children, people with partial or no capacity for work, people over 63 years of age, and those with increased need for dental care. For more information on the terms and conditions, see HERE.
Pensioners receive 260 euros (once every three years) as compensation for dental prosthetics.
How do I pay for dental care?

Payment can be made at any West Tallinn Central Hospital polyclinic or Health Centre registration desk, using a bank card or in cash; or (within the payment term) by bank transfer. There is no financing or deferred payment option available.

Cancellations, making appointments, appointment times


I would like to cancel my appointment.

Call 609 0333 between 7:30-18:00.
Send an e-mail:


Appointments for patients experiencing tooth pain.

Dental first aid is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis at the Mustamäe health centre and Põhja-Tallinn health centre.
If you have a painful dental problem, the first available time slot will be made available to you at Pelgulinna maternity centre, Haabersti health centre and Nõmme health centre.
For more information, call 609 0333.
When is my dentist on duty?

To learn about hours, call the information line, 609 0333. The same number can be called to request that information to be sent to your dentist. The clinic has an option for asking your dentist questions via the call centre. Let the customer representative know your contact details, and we’ll contact you with answers to your questions.
I would like to double-check my appointment time.

If you have forgotten or you received a text message with a different time than the card you were given, you can call 609 0333 from 7:30 to 18:00.
I would like to make appointments for the same time for more than one child.

Each patient must be registered for a separate time on the basis of their personal identification code.

Questions about dental care



If a patient wants new dental prosthetics, please make an appointment with the dentists who handle these cases:
Dr Liivi Abel-Noorhani, Dr Jana Tali, Dr Natalja Igoševa, Dr Helen Vahtras, Dr Monika Markson, Dr Ly Luukas, Dr Krista Vapper, Dr Galina Romantšenko.
If a patiently recently (within the last 2 months) received new prosthetics and there is a problem (such as rubbing, bad fit or other complaint) call 609 0333 from 7:30 to 18:00. Leave your contact details and the dentist who fashioned the prosthetic will contact you to solve the problem.

My child is afraid and refuses treatment

For small children who refuse to be treated, the first appointment is paid for by the Health Insurance Fund, but the next visit for a non-compliant patient is not covered.
Parents are expected to manage the child’s fears; ultimately, the dentist can solely treat the oral health of the patient.
There is a fee for up to 15 minutes for persuading a child to undergo a dental procedure.

I would like information about treatment for a general dental issue or about the price list:
Send an e-mail to

Call 609 0333 between 7:30-18:00.

Complaints about customer service       

Please address your complaint in writing to the clinic director, as an e-mail or by mail to Õismäe tee 179-220, Tallinn 13517.

Complaints can also be lodged at the registration desk at the dentist’s office. The registration desk has a supply of forms for filling out the complaint.

General comments about service should be sent to accompanied with as precise a description of the problem as possible. If the patient does not request a reply, then there is no need to add contact details.