20-bed Orthopaedic Centre has two-person rooms with modern furnishings and adapted for patients with physical disabilities. In addition, there is a stage II intensive care ward for post-operative care and a physical therapy room for patients in rehabilitative care. The activities of the Orthopaedic Centre include scheduled bone and joint surgery and inpatient orthopaedic rehabilitative care.

The need for operative care is decided by the orthopaedist at an outpatient appointment based on patient’s complaints and radiological findings. The patient’s first appointment with an orthopaedist is on the basis of a referral from a general practitioner or specialist. To avoid follow-up visits, it is recommended to first conduct laboratory and radiology testing based on a GP’s referral.

Outpatient appointments with orthopaedists:

Meremeeste Hospital, Paldiski mnt 68, E-wing, 3rd floor, room E3148.

Telephone 651 1424

Registration digital registration or telephone +372 626 1314.

NB! Entrance through Merimetsa health centre.


Possibilities for operative care of orthopaedic patients:

– hip joint replacement;

– knee joint replacement;

– ankle replacement;

– wrist joint replacement;

– finger joint replacement;

– hand surgery;

– foot surgery, including correction of congenital deformities;

– knee joint replacement;

– rheumatic diseases;

– day surgery (peripheral tunnel syndromes etc.).





Margus Kelk

Krista Ühtegi

Irja Maripuu

Pavel Babenko



Ljudmila Zinajeva


In the postoperative period, early active rehabilitative care is necessary so that joint function is restored as quickly and effectively as possible. For this purpose, patients are able to continue the inpatient rehabilitative care that was started after joint implants were installed (physical therapy etc) under supervision of rehabilitative care physician and physical therapist.


Department head

Margus Kelk

Margus Kelk


Department’s head nurse

Heidi Parts


ORTHOPAEDIC CENTRE | Paldiski mnt 68 | Telephone 651 1486