Patients will be charged 5 euros for specialised medical care.

You must pay your appointment fee if you are visiting medical specialist or psychologist for the first time. In case of repeated appointments appointment fee must be paid once in every three months. Issuing prescriptions and referral letters to examinations, procedures and lab tests is considered to be a repeated visit to medical specialist.


Visit fee can be paid in reception with cash or with credit card.


Visit fee is not charged from:


  1. patients who are immediately hospitalised after emergency specialised medical care;
  2. patients below the age of 19 upon submitting ID;
  3. patients who visit the same medical specialist more than once within three months after paying the visit fee;
  4. patients for whom a remote appointment has been arranged;
  5. patients who have referral from another medical specialist of West Tallinn Central Hospital;
  6. patients who have referral from another physician who has the same medical specialisation, but who works in different medical institution;
  7. pregnant women upon submitting pregnancy documentation;
  8. patients who have their gynaecological examination within six months after childbirth;
  9. patients who visit the same medical specialist within three months after specialised medical care in hospital;
  10. renal replacement therapy patients (dialysis patients);
  11. patients who have paid for the appointment according to the price list of paid health services in West Tallinn Central Hospital;
  12. persons whose appointment is connected with a preventive programme/project.


Patients who do not have documents proving that they are not required to pay the appointment fee are charged for their appointment.


Attention! If patient will not pay appointment fee, hospital’s health information system will automatically issue an invoice for appointment fee. Patient will be notified of his debt by hospital’s accounting staff or upon his next visit to West Tallinn Central Hospital. Please pay your appointment fee in due time to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.