The West Tallinn Central Hospital Pathology Department was opened in April 2010, and the department consists of histology, cytology and immunohistochemistry labs. The department received ISO 15189 accreditation from the Estonian Accreditation Centre in 2013, which indicates that the department meets international requirements in the field of procedres in the field of histological cytological and immunocytochemical testing.

Accreditation information


We perform the following tests:

– biopsy – histological testing of tissue by surgical or endoscopic method;

– histological examination of a surgically removed organ and/or parts thereof;

– testing at the cellular level (cytological tests);

– expedited tests during surgery – histological;

– immunohistochemical testing.


Procedures for sending material for testing

All of the Pathology Department’s requirements for sampling material for testing, sending material and filling in referrals are documented in the department’s manual on taking samples.

The Estonian version of the manual is available here (PDF)


Referral notes (PDF)

Cytological testing material referral

Liver biopsy histological testing referral

Histological testing material referral


Issuing data carriers

The Pathology Department issues preparation slides and tissue and cell blocks only on the basis of order.

To submit an order, call the secretaries at 651 1483.

All data carriers released by the Pathology Department must be returned. The person ordering the data is responsible for their return.

Location and contact details

The Pathology Department is located at Paldiski mnt 68, Tallinn, 10617. Testing materials are accepted on weekdays from 8:00-16:00.


Pathology Department head
Dr Natalia Lapidus
Tel. 6511481


Tel. 6511483

Histology Laboratory
Tel. 6511482

Cytology Laboratory
Tel. 6511414