The high quality of orthopaedic treatment in West-Tallinn Central Hospital is ensured by highly experienced specialists who have practiced orthopaedics for many years and by the rapid adoption of new methods. Our trade-mark in orthopaedic surgery is reconstructive orthopedia.

A wide range of experience

Treatment team at our hospital consist of a surgeon specializing in orthopaedics , an anaesthesiologist, a radiologist, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapist and other specialists if necessary.
All the most modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for orthopaedic illnesses are used along with prostheses and implants made by leading US and French manufacturers. You are welcome to consult with our doctors for second opinion in case the first operation was not successful.

A patient-friendly environment

West-Tallinn Central Hospital is located in a green area of Tallinn easy to be approached by car, in a newly built (opened 2015), modern medical center. Our team of doctors can address you in English if necessary. Ortopaedics center in West-Tallinn Central Hospital has hi-tech operating theatres ready to provide level 3 and 2 critical care, intensive care departments, recovery rooms and visiting wards. We have 10-day early post-op recovery program developed at our center.

The choice of services:

– Pre-op consulting;
– Knee arthroscopy;
– Reconstructive treatment for hands and feet;
– Endoprosthesis of knee, hip and small joints (feet);
– Early post-op rehabilitation program.




Phone: +372 651 0061, Oksana Boiko