The purpose of daytime care services is to offer people with memory problems a safe, supervised environment. The service reduces the burden on family members or caregivers and gives family members the opportunity to work away from the home.

The service is provided to Tallinn residents who are also registered in the Population Register as residents of Tallinn.
A general practitioner or specialist makes the determination regarding a person’s state of health and issues a necessary letter of referral to them. Patients are referred to day care by the social welfare department in their location. People who suffer from infectious diseases, or who have alcohol/drug dependencies, or behave aggressively are not admitted to day care.
Occupational therapists and supervisors assist the people in everyday procedures and provide counselling for their family members as to how to cope better with everyday life. Based on people’s capabilities, they take part in handicrafts, music lessons are given, and they are kept up to date with news from the outside world, calisthenics and supervised walks also take place. Memory training takes place for people with memory problems. It all helps and supports people with getting by in everyday life.
Based on the prior arrangement with our clinic, it will be possible to bring the elderly patient to day care for a few days a week, such as for a few hours a day. If you desire, the service is also available for longer periods. The provision of service is agreed in the form of a contract.
Nursing care clinic day care is open each business day from 7:30 to 18:30. The daytime care staff is on vacation in July.
More information about daytime eldercare services is available by telephone at 650 5258 (Lea Kõre).